Passion, Creativity, Discovery

The legend of Eklavya in Mahabharata inspires every that one can turn his dreams into reality with effort and eagerness to learn.


secretary message

Schools are like temples which help enlighten the mind and behavior of students. And, teachers are the artisans who shape children under their guidance, for. And that’ you expect us to carry out our task with prime full responsibility. Therefore, we are committed and endeavourers for overall development of your children. But, it’s possible by your full support and cooperation it includes your extreme support and responsibility also you too have got responsibilities. Actually, children remain lives with you for 18 hours; it is just three times more than six hours with us. Therefore, you should three times more vigilant than we people. It is only and consistent our collective efforts that from both sides can help your children achieve success. Read More


The main aim of the EKLAVYA Central School is to contribute to our country’s transformation towards development and progress through education, which can be considered as a pillar for any development. Nothing will be more satisfying than to see our efforts becoming fruitful, making us part of the progress. The Eklavya Central School seeks to provide equal opportunities in education to backward students, imparting knowledge through joined effort by all school staff and management committee. Read More

Welcome to 'the creatECS'

The creativity club of eklavya central school.

It’s a club of students and school employees who are actively engaged in organising the cultural activities , co-curricular activities,sports music art functions.
The members of club are selected from each field of their interests and guided by music & pti teacher and mentored by all teachers . This club is headed by administration in charge.
This club has to advise , organise and successful execution of functions. This club is supported academically administratively and economically as well.